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In Croydon seeing a GP is now easier.

In my role as Chairman of NHS Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group, I’ve seen first-hand how important it is that we work in partnership across the NHS, with Croydon Council and the voluntary sector to improve local health and care services and to give people the chance to take ownership of their own health. This kind of education is invaluable, as once you can take better care of yourself, you inevitably become a happier and more fulfilled person. Simply talking about the challenges you’re facing, supporting others and helping each other on your way makes people happier and reduces the need

Agnelo Fernandes

Agnelo Fernandes

Clinical Chair of NHS Croydon CCG and a GP in Croydon for almost 30 years

The team of Croydon residents at The Copper Box Arena for the 2019 Better Club Games. Joined by two Team GB Olympians, five-time Olympic swimmer, Mark Foster and sprinter-turned-bobsleigh athlete Montell Douglas.

Keeping active and moving our bodies more can make a huge difference to our health and wellbeing. It can seem a daunting task to change our routine and fit in a bit more exercise but joining a group activity is a great way to look after your health and wellbeing. It can also help to tackle people being isolated or feeling alone as talking, supporting and helping each other makes people happier, can prevent illness and reduces the need for specialist care. Last year, a team representing Croydon lined up against teams from across London and beyond to represent their

Phil Kemp

Phil Kemp

Community sport manager and designated safeguarding officer, sport and participation unit at GLL Better

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Dame Judi Dench at the opening of Fairfield Halls

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We know that when we support Croydon’s talent it soars – and we all benefit.

Oscar Jennings outside his home

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We want to make sure Croydon is a place that everyone can call home.

Young people from the Choose Your Future campaign

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People who know, support and respect each other are part of stronger and safer communities.

Surrey Street

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We need to be ready with the skills and infrastructure to power a successful local economy.